Johnny Eagle Magumba Cap Gun Case 6 ammo

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Johnny Eagle Magumba Cap Gun Case 6 ammo Johnny Eagle Magumba Cap Gun Case 6 ammo Johnny Eagle Magumba Cap Gun Case 6 ammo


  • For sale today is an excellent Topper Johnny Eagle Magumba 1965 Toy Pistol. It measures nine and a half inches long and has a slide bolt action in good working order. The barrel tip and gun sight are intact. Johnny Eagle and Magumba are along the right side of the barrel in red and silver raised lettering. For this cap gun to work, you rack the slide back, it will pick up a toy two piece bullet from the clip, inserts it in the chamber as you push the slide forward, You are ready to fire. The trigger works when squeezed. Then pull the slide back, the spent casing ejects, and pulls another bullet from the clip for the next shot. The white elephant grip handle on the right side is a fun elephant running. Six unused bullets included in this sale, all in working order with both clips attached.

  • The clip release tap at the bottom of the handle is complete, works and is intact. Original magazine clip included still has the printing from the factory and still has a strong spring within. It is excellent example of cap gun history. It does work, it does use caps if you choose to use them and is just too much fun. Single stick caps like Greenie's are a good choice

  • No breaks or cracks in this cap gun . The original case is included as does have a small hole in the plastic top, but overall looks great.-

  • If you need caps, they are available on this website.

    Price: $365.00

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