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Press-Ur-Meter, Type B Air meter, 1/4 cu ft for field testing of air content, specific gravity and free moisture test of aggregate.

  • ASTM and AASHTO compliance
  • High volume pump
  • Easy operating stainless
  • Handles for ease of use steel clamps
  • Reasonably priced

    Your Meter is constructed of dense cast aluminum with handles on base for ease of use. The high volume pump, stainless steel clamps and reasonable pricing makes this Type B Air Meter one of the best available today.

    Air Meter comes with operating instructions, carrying case and all equipment needed to perform tests.

    Your new Air Meter will arrive calibrated with paperwork. All necessary accessories for calibration included.

    For larger quanities.................Call for a quote 817-483-1440

    Normally Ships Within 1-2 Days of payment