Nichols Stallion Model 61 Firing Shell Cap gun

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This RARE Model 61 is in wonderful condition. Mechanically it works perfect. It has been played with some and cap fired. Everytime you pull the trigger, the cylinder rotates and the hammer fires. The cylinder DOES go to the correct place. Loading gate is nice and tight. Grips are nice and tight and original with some play scratches

  • The Model 61 accepts 6 of the three-part bullets in the cylinder. If you are planning to play with this rare cap gun, be sure to use the CORRECT ammo as the cap gun should not be dry fired.

    Blue finish in excellent condition. Only very minor handling or storage wear. You can see in the photo how good it looks

    What a fun cap gun to have for your collection. This cap gun uses single caps like Greenie Stik-M-Caps, Nichols or the Tophand. If you need caps or bullets, they are available on this website. Email me for any questions at

    If you are a serious Nichols collector, then this is one of the better prizes that there is.