Nichols model 22 Stallion cap gun and 5 two piece bullets

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This Nichols Stallion 22 cap gun could be yours. Read on and see what you think. As a kid, I lived in a very small town where these never made it. I grew up on Mattel Shootin Shells and such. But when I grew up and found these, well, I am hooked. Order this and some caps and you have given yourself the fountain of YOUTH! Before long you will be chasing your wife around the house like a kid again - OR better yet she will be chasing you!

This Stallion 22 measures 3"Barrel and 7" in length. The finish on this cap gun is good with some play wear. The scroll work on the barrel is clearly an outstanding part and you will see the Stallion 22imbedded  On the frame. The loading gate is nice and tight as are the white colored grips.  There are 5 two piece used bullets included with this sale which fit this gun.   If you are the purchaser of this item, you will find yourself the owner of a great part of the Nichols cap gun history.

The cylinder rotates when you pull the trigger, and the hammer fires as it is suppose too.

No caps included.

Price: $125.00
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