Mattel Winchester Fanner 50 Seal Pak

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Welcome to our vintage and rare Mattel Cap Gun Section where you will find the extraordinary as well as some ordinary. Let yourself go back in time


Eight Genuine Mattel One Piece Bullets Mint On Card

This auction includes a Genuine; Mattel one piece Bullet Pak For all Mattel Winchester Cap Rifle and Fanner 50 Cap Gun and all Mattel Holsters. Or any holster. Safe 8 all Mattel play bullets. The bullets look like they just came out of the factory in Los Angeles!

  • If you are a lost in the 50's Cowboy who loved to play with the Mattel Cap Guns and rifles, then you must have this package for your shooting and collecting enjoyment

    If your cowboy needs more ammo, huckleberryib is here for you.

Price: $125.00

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