Mattel ShootinShell 38 Detective Cap Gun, holster, Badge, ammo, box"SOLD"

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Up for auction today is a fun Mattel Shootin' Shell 38 Snub Nose Cap Gun and accessories from the Detective series,

Mattel didn't spare any expense putting this one out. It was so much fun playing cops and robbers back in the 50's with this set. What I have up today is the Mattel 38 shootin shell cap gun set.

The 38 detective cap gun has fun shiny chrome finish that shows little play wear. The shiny chrome finish is nice. The grips are original Mattel and are nice and tight with a small chip at the bottom. I doubt if the cap gun was played with much or any as there is no evidence of being cap fired. The loading gate is tight and works as it should be. When you pull the trigger the cylinder rotates as it should. Everything about this cap gun works. The original holster is included and it looks like it was never used.


This cap gun uses the Greenie Stik-M-Caps and Mattel shootin shell bullets. Six Unused Mattel shootin shell brass and 6 Unused Mattel shootin shell tips with the original card are included. Caps are available on this website. The original box is included and it looks great. The mattel badge is included, but I don't think the badge holder is mattel. If you want to put this in your collection, it is to your advantage to get that biddin finger out and buy, buy,buy.

Finally, I do not sell junk. I am so angry about sellers who list cap guns that don't work. They claim the cap guns work, but have no bullets or caps to test them. I do have caps and bullets to test them. Each item is tested gently and sent out in working order. EXCEPTION to my own rule: If a cap gun has not been cap fired, I do not cap fire it either. But it is gently tested. You can bid with confidence when you bid on huckleberryib items.