Mattel Shootin Shell Sealed Pack Vintage for Cap Gun Cap Rifle

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Looks like ole Huckl has raised his head out of the closet with this one.

It is a Mattel Shootin Shell Sealed Package.There are 30 grey tips with 3 brass casing.  Package has some curling.

  • Push bullet nose prongs into metal casing, as shown and the two parts will automatically lock together into one cartridge
  • Then if you want, press a Greenie Stick-M-Cap on bottom of cartridge
  • Don't have Greenies??? Check the web and yo will find 120's and 480's both
  • If you are a lost in the 50's Cowboy who loved to play with the Mattel Shootin Shell Cap Guns, then you must have this package for your shooting and collecting enjoyment

Price: $149.99

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