Marx Shootin Shell Western Double Cap Gun with Marx Holster

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Welcome to our Vintage Cap Gun section: We sell high quality vintage and new items. This is the section to look if you want something extraordinarily original.
A beautiful addition for any collector is this unique piece of Marx history.

Vintage Marx Shootin Shell Western Double Pistols with original Marx holster.  The first gun works correctly whether you fan it or pull the trigger.  It is in nice condition overall with some play wear.  The second gun turns the cylinder when you fan the hammer, but not when you pull the trigger.  Also it has been repaired where the handle attaches to the frame.  The two gun holster is made out of heavy plastic and is about 31" long with some adjustment available. There are 8 bullet loops.  These guns use the old style red disc caps and plastic bullet tips, none included.  The guns break open to load as shown in the photos.

Have some fun and relive your youth.


Price: $185.00

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