Marx Shootin Shell Cavalry Sharps Cap Rifle "SOLD"

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Marx Shootin Shell Cavalry Sharps Cap Rifle "SOLD"

Welcome to our Vintage Cap Gun section: We sell high quality vintage and new items. This is the section to look if you want something extraordinarily original.

Here we have a quite rare Marx Shootin Shell Sharps F Troop Cavalry Rifle that is in very good condition. The rifle is working all the way when you pull the trigger the cap gun will fire. It uses the two piece bullets and single caps. The only cosmetic problem is that the tip of the hammer is not original, but does not affect the operation of the rifle. This Marx cap rifle is 28" overall length. It is a MARX rifle, made to look like a Sharps Rifle. On the side it states Marx October 5, 1853. So hit that buy button, load up and have some fun recreating your youth.

Price: $199.99

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