Marx Shootin Shell Cap Gun Winchester style TOY

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Welcome to our Vintage Cap Gun section: We sell high quality vintage and new items. This is the section to look if you want something extraordinarily original.

A beautiful addition for any collector is this unique piece of Marx history. I have for sale one shootin shell winchester rifle uncap fired or play with. I would call it in Minty condition working all the way. I have not included any of the two piece bullets are single shot caps but they are available on the website. The cap rifle is 24 inches long and I would guess was made in the 50's or 60's. The finish is excellent with only some minor storage wear as you can see in the photos. The trigger fires the hammer with the plastic tip going down range if you have the two piece bullet loaded in the gun with a cap on the bullet. Oh what fun. Email me at for the web address. remember to purchase caps,and two piece bullets if you need them. me

Price: $100.00 

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