Johnny Eagle Topper Red River Toy pistol western

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    An original vintage hard to find from the Topper Toy Company, this is a Johnny Eagle Red River cap gun. The pistol is 12 1/2" long , and is both single and double action, and can hold 6 rounds in the cylinder, and working all the way in very good condition.  There are no bullet casings or gray tips included.  The pistol does not appear to have been cap fired, extractor works, and has nice grips.

  • Back in the 1960's this was the gun to own and nowadays much more valuable and on the I want in my collection. The Johnny Eagle is made from durable plastic with a metal hammer and trigger.


    We do our best to test each and every cap gun we sell. We use caps and any other necessary ammo to determine what will and will not work. Then we declare what we find. The Good Bad and Ugly of it all. We sincerely hope that when you win this auction, the mail comes and you finally sit in your easy chair and open that box from us you will be satisfied. 



    Manufactured by the Topper Deluxe Reading Corp. We are a smoke free and pet free home


Price: $99.99

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