Johnny Eagle Cap Rifle Two Piece Bullet Toy

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Welcome to our Vintage Cap Gun section: We sell high quality vintage and new items. This is the section to look if you want something extraordinarily original.

The sale is for ONE 2 piece bullet. Check out this Vintage Topper Johnny Eagle Toy Rifle Casing and Bullet in this sale >Excellent working order if you are running low on ammo for your Magumba toy cap rifle or any other Johnny Eagle toy cap rifle.

Made in the 60's for the Johnny Eagle, Magumba toy rifle cap gun and other rifles made by the Topper Johnny Eagle Toy Company.

This is the 2-piece spring loaded bullet that looks a lot like a .30-06.

Manufactured by the Topper Deluxe Reading Corp. The Johnny Eagle is my new hobby. I am intriqued with the working and durability of this toy

Now if you need caps, check out the other listings on my website.

So if your are a Johnny Eagle collector or want to expand your collection from Hubley, Nichols or Mattel, then bid away.

Price: $33.99

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