Hubley Texan Cap Gun Unfired with Box

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Genuine Hubley Texan Cap Gun in minty condition. Working all the way, in unfired, unplayed with condition.

  • Great set of Black colored grips with steer. Let's not forget the fun star on the grip
  • Put those caps in and let er rip.
  • Everything on this one works like it should. This Texan sports that awesome nickle finish and it is great shape
  • The cap gun uses roll caps.
  • Nice clean snap when you pull the trigger
  • Fun finish with detailed scroll work
  • Cylinder rotates when you shoot the cap gun
  • Break open loading as show in the photo
  • Hubley's best with original box in excellent condition.

    So now it is your time to mosey over to the cash machine, so you can get that buyin finger out.

  • excellent buy, honestly stated as such. Buy with confidence! Good luck and thanks for looking.Click here to view our about me page

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