Hubley Colt 45 cap gun western

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Hubley Colt 45 cap gun One of The Cap gun of all Cap Guns!
Genuine Hubley 45 cap gun. This cap gun measures 13 1/2" long, it is a die cast cap gun with beautiful finish. Please refer to the awesome photos of this cap gun. The grips are white with the a typical chip missing and piece missing from each corner at the bottom of the grips.  This is a 6 shot revolver that uses the Hubley 45 cartridges, none included.  The gun works whether you pull the trigger or fan the hammer.  The cylinder is removable by pulling down the lever or you can load the cylinder by pulling down the loading gate.

Now, let's not let the day go by without your buying finger doing it's thing and getting this cap gun for your collection.

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